About Airfield Drachten

About Airfield Drachten

Vliegveld Drachten (ICAO: EHDR) is an airfield located near Drachten in the municipality of Smallingerland in the Netherlands. The airfield was constructed in 1962 as an airstrip for the Philips plant at Drachten and is operated by the Stichting Vliegveld Drachten, which has the airfield on loan from the Smallingerland municipality.


History Drachten Airport, located in the municipality of Smallingerland, has a rich and interesting history. The airport was established in 1962 as an airstrip for the Philips establishment in Drachten. Since then, the airport has been operated by the Drachten Airport Foundation, which leases the airport from the municipality of Smallingerland.

A part of the history of Drachten Airport was the long tradition of drag races. In early 2023, it was officially confirmed that an end has come to the drag races at the airport.

Since 1975, Drachten Airport was the drag strip of the Netherlands, where about 200 participants participated annually and the event attracted about 10,000 visitors. The organization DHRA (Dutch Hot Rod Association) was responsible for organizing these races.

The reason for stopping the drag races is twofold. First, the flight path of the airport has changed, requiring the use of the entire runway. This means that the track can no longer be used for car racing. Secondly, the Drachten Airport Foundation has decided that activities and events that are not flight-related can no longer take place at the airport.

Over the years, Drachten Airport has developed into an important part of the community in Smallingerland. The airport not only serves aviation, but also events and activities that benefit the local community.