Future of airfield Drachten

At the end of 2020, a number of aviation-related entrepreneurs made plans to develop the airport. These entrepreneurs informed the Smallingerland city council of their plans. Based on these plans, the municipality has developed a future vision for the airport.

On May 10, 2022, the Smallingerland city council established the Framework for the Future of Drachten Airport. It was decided that the airport must remain open in any case and that a quartermaster will be appointed to investigate whether the entrepreneurs’ plans provide sufficient certainty for a more independent development of the airport. The management and operation of the airport also had to be investigated and separated from the municipality of Smallingerland.

Next Steps

With the Framework for the Future of Drachten Airport established by the city council on May 10, 2023, Quartermaster Erik Lagerweij assesses the future plans for the airport. The quartermaster has now completed the Final Report Drachten Airport (nl). The city council will make a decision about the future of the airport based on this final report.

The future of Drachten Airport looks promising. With the commitment of the municipality, the quartermaster, and the aviation-related entrepreneurs, there is a clear vision and plan for the future of the airport. It is now up to the city council to make a final decision about the future of the airport based on the Final Report Drachten Airport.